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Bonell spring mattress unmasked – All you need to know

Humans spend on average one-third of their lives sleeping. You can sleep on furniture, a mat or bed. Sleeping on a bed means that you have to use a sleeping pad to lie on.

Since time immemorial, sleeping pads are known to be made from either polyurethane foam, cotton or wool stuffings, grass, rubber, gel, latex, spring  or anything that one can stuff to make one.

Interestingly, you could have come across our spring mattress, had a good night sleep on it but you do not understand its composition. Here is the unmasking, bit by bit to illustrate the composition of a good night’s sleep as brought to you by Eurofoam bonell spring mattresses.

Our Bonell spring mattresses have glass hour shaped springs (wider at the top and bottom than the middle). The springs are laced together with crosswire helical to form a complete innerspring unit.

The complete inner core spring unit can be designed to meet different mattress needs and sizes for the market. For instance, we can assemble a single size, queen size or king size mattress.

Probably by now you are asking yourself whether the mattress will be entirely made of springs and wires. No, it will not. Thin layers of foam are added to both the top and bottom sides to add an extra layer of comfort and form a sandwich-like mattress. The ‘sandwich’ is then covered in a fabric that ensures the inner parts of the mattress are kept safe and intact.

Bonell spring has numerous advantages. They include

  • Offers an even-platform-feel when lying on it, thus, recommended for back-related pain.
  • Highly durable and resilient because of the ability of the springs working collectively against the body weight lying on it.

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