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Open Coil (Bonnel) Spring Technology)

The Open Coil (Bonnell) Spring is the classic spring unit, and has, through the years, proven its worth. It is made from around hourglass shaped coils which are interlinked with spiral wire to form a spring unit structure. They are used in most budget or entry level mattresses and are the best value mattresses your money can buy.

Our Pocket Spring mattresses are made of springs from high tensile carbon wire. The spring system is given a special heat anti-fatigue treatment and anti-rust oil treatment as they go through the manufacturing process. Both treatments ensure the springs a long life.

Spring steel springs/ Tempered springs cannot be crushed by a mere human’s weight and because of their springing capability they respond gently to different human weights. Our springs are produced in Taiwan and imported in already compressed form with tons of force and opened up here.


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