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Know your mattress: Pocket spring mattress edition

The constant advancement in spring technology has brought about unparalleled range of springs used in the manufacture of modern spring mattresses. Such technology is the advent of pocket springs and at Eurofoam, we have positioned ourselves as the leading manufacturer of pocket spring mattresses in Uganda.

You might want to find out exactly what a pocket spring mattress is, or even more, you might be interested in knowing what its composition is. Here is a pocket spring unmasked.

Pocket spring mattresses are modern and more superior spring mattresses. They are made by wrapping individual springs in individual fabric encasements. The encasements are then stitched onto mattresses below a comfort layer of foam. This can be superior polyurethane foam of luxurious memory foam layers or a mix of both. The Mattress is then covered using fabric on its outer body for keeping the inner contents of the mattress free of tear and intact.

Our pocket spring mattresses are highly breathable due to the spaces between individual springs. These spaces allow the free flow of air beneath the sleeping surface keeping it cool and comfortable.

Since pocket springs are entirely independent, they allow for contour formation and pressure  relief points; especially at the hips and shoulders translating to superior comfort.

The underlying comfort determinant for pocket spring mattresses is the number of springs used in making a mattress. This is to imply that the more closely knit the pocket springs are, the more comfortable it is due to increased responsiveness and motion control.  

Pocket springs mattresses are also covered by an extra layer of foam to provide a seamless slide into luxury.

This mattresses are highly durable, comfortable and breathable. They are recommendable for use in homes, hotels, spas and other facilities that intend to add an extra into their sleep life.

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